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We are a group of friends who have spent several years drinking and searching for good teas.  These teas tend to be difficult to access, as they may be in the hands of private collectors, or just hidden in plain sight among many less interesting alternatives.  They may only be available direct from the producer, and one would have to buy in bulk.  After organizing informal group buys of such teas, we wanted to share our more unique finds and favourites with a broader community of drinkers, and so we created Teas We Like.   We are especially excited to feature other guest curators, passionate collectors and small producers who we may all be able to learn more from.

None of us makes a living by selling tea, so we may not be as quick (or slick!) as full-time vendors.  Please excuse the no-frills packaging, minimal customer service, and lack of marketing.  We hope this approach will allow us to offer a small, carefully curated collection of teas at an excellent price.


All our teas are shipped from Taiwan within two weeks of your order. When we ship your tea, we will provide a tracking number.  

We all know there is no such thing as free shipping.  We prefer to keep our markups low and to have transparent shipping costs.  Since April 2020 our approach is to use four shipping categories which approximate Taiwan Post’s shipping charges for our typical customer base.  Note that we must also factor in the weight of the packaging material, which is usually 9% of the tea weight + 100g. The four categories are:

  1. Small box ( < 825g tea): $12.50 
  2. Medium box (<1250g tea): $18.50
  3. Large box (<1700g tea): $23
  4. Extra large box (>1700g tea): $28

Contact Us

Please contact us at contact@teaswelike.com if you have a question or suggestion.

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