1990s Silver Medal Dong Ding Oolong

Silver medal dongding oolong

This Dong Ding from the 1990s was recently awarded the silver medal in one of the largest aged Dong Ding competitions in Taiwan. Each contestant enters a limited amount of tea in the competition, and a random sample is tested by a panel of judges. Award-winning teas that were submitted to the competition are packaged in sealed 600g jars (1 Taiwanese jin) and sold – only the limited amount initially submitted can be sold in this way, to ensure that the tea is not swapped with lesser quality tea. To make this tea more accessible to customers, TWL has purchased a small number of jars of this Dong Ding and repackaged the tea into smaller portions. The texture is silky and rich, and the flavor profile complex, combining a slight nuttiness with notes of raisins and stone fruit. An aspect that stands out is the intense body effect, uncommon for a dongding, due to which you might want to take your session slowly. This is a reference tea for what aged Dong Ding can be like, we recommend to dedicate your full attention to this tea. Excellent durability.

75g foil package

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