2001 Simplified Yun 7542 Dayi Mark


The 2001 “Simplified Yun Dayi Mark” 7542 is a much-loved reference sheng puerh tea from the Menghai Tea Factory. We have only seven cakes of this, with wrappers in various conditions. We decided to try something new and offer these as individual cakes, each with photographs, to show the state of the wrappers. Storage has been primarily natural Taiwan storage, though it has had some Hong Kong traditional storage. Full upfront taste, a touch of woody smoke/incense, sweet arrival and finish, quite a lot of astringency and bitterness, strong menthol notes, and some plummy acidity.

Cake #1: 369g | 723$
Cake #2: 359g | 704$
Cake #3: 368g | 670$
Cake #4: 349g | 635$
Cake #5: 339g | 665$
Cake #6: 350g | 588$
Cake #7: 347g | 632$

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