2003-2005 Chenyuan Hao Quarter Cakes


In 2003, 2004 and 2005, Chenyuan hao produced some of their best teas, with a selection of gushu single-origin cakes from Yiwu, Yibang, Mansa, Manzhuan, Gedeng and Youle, as well as some special productions  including a 6-mountain blend (The Shanzhong Chuanqi available below) and a few cakes “reproducing” old classics such as the Tongqing Hao – inspired cake below.

After finding a storage version we were happy with, we decided to make a small number of quarter cakes of these teas available, as we believe they are some of the best (and original) references available for the wave of “boutique gushu production” which began in the early 2000s.

To get a good overall idea of what this style of tea is capable of, we recommend the Shanzong Chuanqi or Tongqing Hao blended cakes. For a more detailed study of the differences of terroir, the Yiwu, Youle and Manzhuan teas are each excellent single-origin examples.

Each item is a single quarter cake enclosed in a mylar zip sealed bag. We tried our best to make the quarters equal, but it is difficult with artisanal products which are not perfectly symmetrical.