2004-2006 Biyun Hao Yiwu and Manzhuan


The earliest teas from Biyun Hao, which motivated us to seek out other teas from this producer, are Mr. Chen’s 2004-2006 productions. In each of these years, he pressed a pair of 400g blended gushu cakes, one from Manzhuan and one from Yiwu. After this period, Biyun Hao expanded to include several single-origin productions, inspired by the material selected for the blended cakes.

We have carried several BYH teas for some time, including the 2012 and 2013 Mahei gushu blends, a vertical tasting of BYH Mahei,  A processing comparison tasting  of 2021 Longdui, and one of our favourite young puerh picks, the blended gushu 2015 Lishan Gongcha cakes, among a few other smaller productions such as the 2019 Lishan Gongcha, the 2020 Daniantang and Mansong, and several Yibi-area productions.  We will continue to carry a selection of more recent Biyun Hao productions, but we feel it is important to make at least a few of the remaining 2004-2006 teas available for study and enjoyment of these reference productions.  It also provides a view to what some of the younger productions, especially the gushu blends, may turn out like with good processing and storage.

The Yiwu teas are blended from Gaoshanzhai, Yiwu village proper, Longdui, Malishu, Sanheshe, Yibi, Daniantang, Mahei, Manxiu and a few other minor additions. They are blends entirely made from old tree material. Thick and concentrated herbal/medicinal tea, remarkable sweet honeyed aroma, warming and uplifting. Full mouthfeel with a mixture of oiliness and juicy tannins.

The Manzhuang teas are blended from Manzhuang main village, Manqian, Xiaomannai, and Walong, among a few other minor additions. It is a blend entirely made from old tree material. Thick and concentrated tea, good sweet aftertaste, strongly warming, with a calm/grounding vibe. A hint of dark woody incense.

Each 2006 cake is approximately 400g, and each 2004-2005 cake is approximately 500g.

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