2004 Biyun Hao Yiwu Quarter Cake


The earliest teas from Biyun Hao, which motivated us to seek out other teas from this producer, are Mr. Chen’s 2004-2006 productions. In each of these years, he pressed a pair of 400g blended gushu cakes, one from Manzhuan and one from Yiwu. After this period, Biyun Hao expanded to include several single-origin productions, inspired by the material selected for the blended cakes. We plan to carry some more of the blended and single-origin teas going forward, but we felt it would be helpful to make a small number of the remaining 2004 teas available as quarter cakes, making it more affordable to study and enjoy these reference productions.

This 2004 tea is a blend of 60% Gaoshanzhai and 40% drawn from Yiwu, Longdui, Malishu, Sanheshe, Yibi, Daniantang, Mahei, Manxiu and a few other minor additions. It is a blend entirely made from old tree material. Thick and concentrated herbal/medicinal tea, remarkable sweet honeyed aroma, warming and uplifting. Full mouthfeel with a mixture of oiliness and juicy tannins.

A quarter cake of roughly 95g.

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