2004 Dragon Tea House (H.K.) Yiwu


This tea is produced by a small Hong Kong teahouse that has been in the business for more than a hundred years. The maker of this tea, Ms. Connie Ngai, spends around 6 weeks every spring in northern Yiwu to press one line of cakes per year from the same area, a high altitude old forest “yesheng” gushu on land which is now part of the state-protected “guoyoulin” forest. As a result, this tea is a single-origin but internally blended tea. Ms. Ngai has several decades of experience producing puerh tea, but also drinking and studying aged puerh, oolong and white tea.

We feel it is important to carry this tea, not only to demonstrate a different part of Yiwu than one usually finds from most Taiwanese makers, and not only because of the powerfully good base material, but also to show an excellent blending and processing style, aimed at showing this tea at its best for the long term.

For those who have tried the 2006 DTH  Yiwu, this tea is similar, but with stronger compression and with slightly more smoke.  A powerful tea, with excellent material, processing, and storage.

Single cake of approximately 400 grams, in a white wrapper.

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