2005 Dayi 7542, Batch 502

There is no more universally acknowledged benchmark for sheng puerh since 1980 than Dayi’s 7542 recipe. Due to the variability between years and batches, and because very few of the post-2005 batches capture the essential strength of the older versions, it is difficult to know which year and which batch to use as a reference. Truly great examples are virtually impossible to find, and excellent examples can be found but at outrageous prices. The best batch after 2003 is widely agreed to be the first batch from 2005, which fetches around $2/g at this point, even with mediocre storage.

We believe this second (502) batch from 2005, while not as strong as the 501, is a great reference for the 7542 blend, with a concentrated flavour, a hint of the traditional smoky woodiness, and most importantly a significant juicy plumminess once the steeps get going. The tea is still quite strong, with enough bitterness and astringency that it will continue to improve for many years. On the other hand, it has a wonderful sweet aftertaste and some agarwood-like woody incense aromas. We have tried a few versions of this cake, and this is by far our favourite storage version, a very clean natural Taiwan storage.

The price of this cake is increasing rapidly, so we expect this offer to be a one-off. Limited to 2 cakes per customer, in an effort to allow more people to taste this reference tea.

357g cake, wrappers not in perfect condition: most of the cakes are in the same or better condition as the one shown in the photos.

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