2005 Nanqiao Purple Peacocks


Among the early productions of the Nanqiao Factory in Menghai, specific batches (and in some cases, specific storages), such as the 2005 Bulang Double Lion batch 502, the 2006 Bulang Double Lion, and the 2004 Nanqiao Bulang King, stood out to us and our tasting panel as excellent.  We were thrilled to find a few tongs of another early production which can carry the mantle of the above-mentioned teas: this is a 2005 Nanqiao Purple Peacocks cake with natural Malaysian storage.   This tea has a classic punchy Menghai profile, with astringency and bitterness, as well as a strong sweet aftertaste.  The tea has a powerful warming effect and good throat cooling.  Some mushroom and leather notes accompany an strong stimulating effect.  Excellent Malaysian natural storage since 2005, which led to the distinctive deterioration of the wrapper as shown in the photos.

357g cake


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