2006 Bulang Double Lion


This 2006 Double Lion is from the same collaboration between the Nanqiao factory and the Qiu Xiang teahouse that produced the 2005 Double Lion, with material collected by the Qiu Xiang proprietors. Though it is not quite at the same level as the 2005 Double Lion, this 2006 cake is an excellent proposition for the price. Another very good example of natural Malaysian storage, this batch has been stored a bit more aggressively than the 2005 and drinks like a slightly older tea. It has a clear Bulang profile, with strong but not overwhelming bitterness. The tasting panel really enjoyed the richness and depth from the storage on this batch.

357g cake, most wrappers are in better condition than the one shown, but there will be imperfections with storage like this. Also available as a Quarter Cake (approximately 85g)