2010 Dayi 7542, Batch 001


After trying several storage examples of 7542s from 2005-2012, and balancing against the significant price differences between different years and batches, we believe that this 2010 batch 001 7542 is in a very sweet spot at the moment — this natural Taiwan-stored example is aged enough to appreciate its many strengths, but not quite aged enough to command super-high prices. It has a clearly recognizable 7542 profile, quite similar to the 2005 batches, with plenty of strength, crisp bittersweetness, plumminess, and uplifting effects.

Note (July 2021): Some of our remaining 001-7542 cakes received slightly more aggressive storage and have stained wrappers. These are particularly good for drinking but would not be suitable for investment/resale. Be aware that wrappers may have light to medium staining.

357g cake

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