2011 Chenyuan Hao Qianjiazhai Jincha


This is a beautifully made Jincha by Chenyuan Hao, using high quality material and more aggressive processing than most of their productions during this time, e.g. stronger rolling and very high compression. As is often traditionally done with tuos, the material is a bit tippier, giving a characteristic refreshing taste and uplifting and activating effect. Beautiful pungent sweet perfume on empty cup. Thick liquor, with a healthy astringency which melts in the finish. This has received natural Taiwan storage, which suits its processing particularly well.

Each Jincha is 300g and is packaged separately. The Jincha wrappers are not all in great condition, with some small tears and bug bites, as well as some superficial debris from the bamboo tong and wrapper fragments.

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