2012 Biyun Hao Mahei


Within the Yiwu region of Mengla county in Xishuangbanna, greater Mahei is one of Biyun Hao’s main areas of concentration. This cake is a blend of gushu material from the three villages Manxiu (曼秀), Daqishu (大漆树), and Luoshuidong (落水洞), in a ratio of 60/30/10.  The 360g cake is double wrapped and has been stored in Mr. Chen’s own storage in Taiwan.  Natural Taiwan storage.  The (untitled) artwork on the wrapper is by Chen Boliang, of the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts. The upper group of numerals represents the clarity of daytime experience, in contrast to the lower group, which represents the cloudy dream states of nighttime.

360g cake

Limited quantity – maximum order 1 tong plus 1 cake (8 cakes) per customer

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