2015 Biyun Hao Yibi Tedagushu

One of the tea areas that Biyun Hao focuses on is in Yibi (易比), a village in the southernmost tip of the Yiwu region. Mr Youquan has a long-standing relationship with a farming family here, which enables him to work toward optimal agriculture practices, leaf grading and, especially, processing techniques. Biyun Hao uses traditional production methods: kill-green is done by hand in the wok, then the tea is sun-dried and stone-pressed.

This cake is the 2015 Yibi Tedagushu, which is gushu material taken from an area of particularly large trees within the larger Yibi area harvested by the farmer. It is our favourite cake among all of BYH’s Yibi productions, and there are very few cakes remaining (less than two tongs as of June 2020). We wanted to carry this tea because it is an excellent example of a high quality gushu single-origin production, in contrast to the 2013 BYH Mahei and 2015 BYH Lishan Gongcha, both of which are blended gushu cakes.

Note that BYH used red and purple wrappers for this cake, but the red stamp on the front (which reads Yibi Tedagushu) is the same in each case. Note that since these are the last few cakes available, the wrappers will be in good, but not perfect, condition.

360g cake

Final restock

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