2018 Biyun Hao Wangong Fenghuangwo Gushu


This is a very small production from Biyun Hao, made from the best quality gushu material the proprietor could find in the Wangong region– this is from Fenghuangwo, north of Wangong village and south of Bohetang, making it one of the higher altitudes available from the Yiwu range. This early spring tea was harvested from a single grove within the Wangong state-protected forest area. Biyun Hao has only pressed this tea a few times, and only in small quantities, due to the high cost of material from this region with this level of quality. While we would not necessarily recommend this tea to beginners, it does offer a clear example of the kind of experience that high quality Wangong gushu can offer.

250g cake.

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