2020 Biyun Hao Longdui Guoyoulin

As a result of small 2020 yields due to drier conditions, Mr. Chen of Biyun Hao was not able to make a Lishan Gongcha Yiwu gushu blend this year. But he suggested that if we were able to preorder, he could press a few tongs of 2020 gushu material from Longdui, a small area within one of the Yiwu state protected forests (Guoyoulin) which produces less than 30kg each year (closer to 20kg this year). He usually uses this material in his top quality blends, such as the Lishan Gongcha 2019. This tea has a darker and stronger / more bitter profile than the other teas in the Lishan Gongcha blend, but it still showcases strong sweetness/fruitiness, at least at this stage. We commissioned this to demonstrate a high quality guoyoulin gushu from Yiwu with a stronger, punchier profile.

357g cake

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