2021 Biyun Hao Longdui Guoyoulin (Standard Rounian)


In preparation for the 2021 season, and in collaboration with Mr. Chen Youquan of Biyun Hao, we commissioned two cakes made from the same early Spring (first week of April 2021) material from a single farm in Longdui, Yiwu, located on a mountain slope in a Gouyoulin state protected forest.

The difference between the two cakes is in the rounian, i.e. the rolling step in puerh processing.  This, the standard version of the 2021 Longdui, has the normal level of rolling used by Biyun Hao in their other productions such as the Lishan Gongcha 2015.  See here for the stronger rounian version of this tea.

Due to its small production and strong character, Mr. Chen normally uses Longdui to spearhead his gushu blends such as the 2015 Lishan Gongcha. The Longdui area is quite thickly forested, giving the trees a higher shading than the average and resulting in a slightly darker green wet leaf appearance as well as a thicker, more intense brew. This is a powerful tea and we commissioned it with the intent to age it and compare it over the long term with its stronger-rolled twin.

Available as a Single 357g cake
or as a Quarter Cake (approximately 85g)