Biyun Hao Luoshuidong 2017 Autumn vs Spring Tasting


A tasting co-curated by Marco, Pedro and Mr. Chen of Biyun Hao:

The vast majority of Biyun Hao productions are the much more sought-after Spring productions, but in some special cases, a farmer’s Autumn production is impressive enough to warrant pressing a small number of partner Autumn cakes.  In this tasting, we offer two single-origin 2017 teas from Luoshuidong, in Yiwu: one Spring, and one Autumn, for a total of approximately 110g of tea (Biyun Hao pressings from Luoshuidong in 2017 were 250g cakes).

1/4 cake Spring + 1/4 cake Autumn ≈ 110g



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