Biyun Hao Yibi Vertical Tasting, 2015-2018

One of the tea farms that Biyun Hao focuses on is in Yibi (易比), a village in the southernmost tip of the Yiwu region. Mr Youquan has a long-standing relationship with a farming family here, which enables him to work toward optimal agriculture practices, leaf grading and, especially, processing techniques.  Biyun Hao uses traditional production methods: kill-green is done by hand in the wok, and the tea is sun-dried.  In this tasting opportunity, we offer four consecutive years of spring Yibi gushu tea: you will receive 1/8th of a cake of each of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Yibi, for a total of approximately 160g of tea.

4 x (1/8 cake) ≈ 160g

If this tasting goes well, we plan to offer some of these teas as full cakes in the near future.

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