Dragon Tea House (H.K.) Quarter Cake Set


Our co-curator for this release is none other than Lawrence from the Marshaln tea blog! In his blog entry contrasting specialist vs generalist tea makers, he highlighted the work of a small Hong Kong teahouse, in the business for more than a hundred years, whose tea master, Ms. Connie Ngai, spends around 6 weeks every spring in northern Yiwu and presses only one cake per year from the same area, a high altitude old forest “yesheng” gushu on land which is now part of the state-protected “gouyoulin” forest. As a result, this tea is a single-origin but internally blended tea. Ms. Ngai has many decades of experience producing puerh tea, but also drinking and studying aged puerh, oolong and white tea.

We feel it is important to carry this tea, not only to demonstrate a different part of Yiwu than one usually finds from most Taiwanese makers, and not only because of the powerfully good base material, but also to show an excellent blending and processing style, aimed at showing this tea at its best for the long term.

This is also a great opportunity to do a vertical sample set of the same material over four different years, which we believe cover some of the best years of DTH production. Each QC sample set will contain

1 Quarter Cake of DTH Yiwu 2009
1 Quarter Cake of DTH Yiwu 2012
1 Quarter Cake of DTH Yiwu 2014
1 Quarter Cake of DTH Yiwu 2016

For a total of approximately 350g.

To celebrate our collab with Marshaln, our initial offer of 28 sample sets will be “pro bono”: We are pricing this set at our negotiated bulk price from the source plus the costs of logistics. Maximum two per customer.

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