Ju Lun Zhusha, 80ml, single hole, lower-temperature firing


This teapot is made from high quality zhusha (朱砂) ore, processed without relying on additives. It comes with an EDXRF certificate showing its chemical composition. Zhusha ore is a close relative of zhuni (朱泥). It performs similarly to zhuni, but it has a naturally rustic surface texture. We selected this shape taking inspiration from Yixing teapots produced during the late Qing / Republic of China period (LQER) that were crafted in a similar shape from a similarly textured clay. Following a customary approach used by workshops in LQER, we impressed the TWL seal under the handle, leaving the base free of markings for a minimalist aesthetic. This pot is “half-handmade” (produced with the assistance of a mold). The pour is fast and smooth. This is the single-hole version with lower-temperature firing for higher porosity. The construction and shape are identical to the normally fired version, but the colour is slightly paler, as can be seen in the main photo: in the foreground is the lower-temperature fired version.

Weight: 87g
Capacity: 80ml
Pour Speed: 10s

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