TWL Ju Lun Zhusha, 80ml, single and multi hole version


This teapot is made from high quality zhusha (朱砂) ore, processed without relying on additives. It comes with an EDXRF certificate showing its chemical composition. Zhusha ore is a close relative of zhuni (朱泥). It performs similarly to zhuni, but it has a naturally rustic surface texture. We selected this shape taking inspiration from Yixing teapots produced during the late Qing / Republic of China period (LQER) that were crafted in a similar shape from a similarly textured clay. Following a customary approach used by workshops in LQER, we impressed the TWL seal under the handle, leaving the base free of markings for a minimalist aesthetic. This pot is “half-handmade” (produced with the assistance of a mold). The pour is fast and smooth.

Weight: 87g
Capacity: 80ml
Pour Speed: 10s

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