March 2024 BYH Diagonal Group Buy


Group Buy Complete March 14, 2024

In collaboration with Mr. Chen Youquan of Biyun Hao, TWL is proud to offer three early single-origin productions from Chawangshu, Yiwu Huangshan, and Baichayuan.  After producing the Yiwu and Manzhuan regional blends in 2004-2006, Biyun Hao began pressing single-origin cakes in years when he felt that the material was excellent.  The 2008 Chawangshu is the earliest BYH production from this village.  Similarly for the 2010 Baichayuan. The 2009 Yiwu Huangshan is the second pressing from this village by BYH, after the well-loved (and sold-out) 2008 version.   These teas are not available in large numbers, and are typically only available at significantly higher prices.  To secure these prices, we shall combine orders during the month of March and top up the order as needed.   As a result, inclusion of these cakes in your order may delay shipment till the end of March.

Each cake is 357g and available separately via the drop-down menu below.

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