Naked Yiwu 001


Fake neifei aside, this cake was identified for us by specialists as coming from a family of wrapperless early Yiwu cakes very often used to fake the famous 1996 真淳雅号 (Zhenchunyahao, “Truly Simple Elegant”) production (both this family of cakes and Zhenchunya share a common origin).  We don’t have an exact age statement for this tea, but specialists believe that it was pressed sometime between 1999 and 2002.

357g cake

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Wooju’s tasting note: The tea has a very classical Yiwu profile, which one might hope one’s young Yiwu cakes will age into. The developing smoke and camphor, as well as notes of orchid and traditional Chinese medicine, show the cake has just hit adulthood, with slight hints of its adolescence. The tea is also quite warming, especially at your core.