New Qingshuini Pomelo Pot


Antique Yixings have many unique properties: the ore is ground with a stone mill and manually processed without chemical additives, and the pots are fired in a wood fire kiln. However, the cost of antiques makes them prohibitively expensive for many tea drinkers.

For some time, we have asked ourselves whether it would be possible to offer teapots with some of the benefits of antiques, but at a more accessible price. We have finally been able to produce modern teapots for which the ore is ground with a stone mill, yielding a beautiful grain, and the clay is processed without added barium. These features make it a bit more expensive for us to produce these teapots, but we believe it is worth it – it adds a lasting value. To make these teapots, we chose to use qingshuini(清水泥)because this type of clay works very well with puerh, the main type of tea we offer.

The size is 150ml, because it can be used flexibly for one person or to host 1-2 friends. The design is inspired by a popular ROC shape: the “pomelo”. If somebody could only buy one teapot, or were purchasing their first Yixing teapot, this would be the ideal pot to fit the bill.

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