Temi Black Rose T383 Second Flush, special order

One of the most interesting aspects of Darjeeling-style teas is the long tradition of cultivar development, not only for increasing yield but also for desirable taste and aroma traits. Despite the many years of work developing unique and beautiful cultivars, it often happens that gardens with unusual cultivars are uprooted and replaced with more disease-resistant varietals. We asked a champion of less well-known cultivars, Mr. Nalin Modha, for this exceptional example of the Tukdah 383 cultivar, which he processed at peak second flush in June 2020 at Temi estate in Sikkim, India. This tea, from an east-facing garden at 1300m, has thick leaves and midribs, and is very well processed, with relatively intact material for the Darjeeling style. It is sweet and concentrated, and shows a beautiful rose note for which the cultivar is famous. We have only 2kg of this and it is the last remaining stock for 2020.

100g foil bag
Default brewing ratio: 2.5g/110ml, 4.5min, 100C

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