Thin flared porcelain gaiwan


This is an exceptionally thin-walled white porcelain gaiwan with a wide flare, handmade in Jingdezhen. The capacity when filled to the lid position is 85ml, and is 110ml when filled to the very top of the bowl. We like gaiwans with very thin walls and a wide flare – the edge cools down and it’s easier to handle. We find that the slightly lower heat retention does not have a negative impact for gongfu brewing, due to the relatively short steeping times. Thin gaiwans are particularly versatile, because they cool down more rapidly in the wait time between one infusion and another. This is particularly important for young sheng and greener oolongs. Using thicker vessels for these teas could lead to stronger spinach/grassy flavors. Handmade gaiwans have a slight asymmetry that reduces the suction between the lid and body when the gaiwan is filled. Gaiwans are a simple tool, but it is difficult to find one in which every detail is right.

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