TWL Biyun Hao Blender’s Quarter Cake Set

This collection of four quarter cakes of young gushu Yiwu tea from Biyun Hao was designed to facilitate three interesting comparisons:

First, it includes two quarters from Biyun Hao’s flagship Lishan Gongcha blend (the 2015 vintage is still available as full cakes here, the 2019 vintage is described here but is no longer available as full cakes, and the 2022 vintage is available here for a limited time). This will allow a comparison between two excellent young productions at an important stage: the 2015 vintage is beginning to change, so that the 2015 and 2019 vintages will, for the next few years at least, be quite different.

Second, it includes a quarter of the standard rolling example from our 2021 Biyun Hao Longdui rounian comparison set, available here, allowing a comparison between this material pressed on its own and its participation in the 2019 Lishan Gongcha gushu blend.

Third, we have included a quarter of the 2013 Biyun Hao Mahei, a blend of gushu material from Manxiu, Daqishu and Wangong, giving an example of another Biyun Hao blend with a very different character from the Lishan Gongcha.

four quarters of approximately 85g each, except the 2015 Lishan Gongcha which is approximately 90g.  Note that the 2015 Lishan Gongcha has both red and purple wrappers, whereas the photos show only the red wrapper version.

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