TWL Flat Shuiping Hongni


This teapot is inspired by the work of early ROC craftsmen, who produced very fine pieces in this shape. In particular, the “earlobe” shaped handle is directly modeled after early examples. The flat proportions are suitable for puerh but also work well for unrolled oolong teas such as yancha and dancong. The size is ideal for solo sessions, or for sharing with up to 2 guests using small cups. It is also a good option for high-ratio, chaozhou style yancha brewing.

We were impressed by the quality and performance of our craftsman’s da hongni clay, therefore we have selected it for the first production of this shape. We might later decide to offer this shape also in other clays.  As for all pots bearing the TWL seal, we test the clay composition using EDXRF to ensure the absence of additives.

Weight: 68g
Volume: 95ml
Pour: 9s

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