TWL Lvni Ju Lun Zhu


This half-handmade teapot is produced with excellent quality lv ni clay. The shape is inspired by a variant of the Ju Lun Zhu that was especially popular during the late Qing to early Republic of China period. After bringing to the site teapots in hongni, duanni, and zini, we are excited to be able to offer a teapot in lvni. This is the second model we produce with this clay category after the chrysanthemum teapot we offered as our first modern teapot production. Like the vast majority of lv ni teapots on the market, this teapot is not made of lvni from huanglong shan (benshan lv ni), but of lvni from another mine in the surroundings of Yixing. This is a key reason behind its more accessible price. Nonetheless, the clay has a beautiful texture and retains some of the quartz-like nature that is also found in benshan lv ni. As for all pots bearing the TWL seal, we test the clay composition using EDXRF to ensure the absence of additives; the results of the testing are included with the teapot.

This pot has a volume of approximately 110ml and a dry weight of 82g.

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