Biyun Hao Mahei Gushu Vertical

A vertical tasting of old tree Mahei-area blends made by Biyun Hao. Excellent processing and natural Taiwan storage. This quarter cake set is a good demonstration of the strengths of Biyun Hao and shows how a well-made blend of older tree material from this region ages.

In decreasing order of proportion, the blends are made from gushu material from these areas:

2009: Mahei proper (麻黑), Manxiu (曼秀),Daqishu (大漆樹), Wangong (彎弓), and Longdui (龍堆).
2013: Manxiu (曼秀), Daqishu (大漆树), Yibi (易比), Wangong (弯弓)
2015: Manxiu (曼秀), Yiwushan (易武), Longdui (龍堆), Malishu (麻利樹), Yibi (易比) and Daniantang (大輦塘)
2017: Manxiu (曼秀), Yiwushan (易武), Malishu (麻利樹) and Yibi (易比)

Four roughly equal quarters totaling approximately 350g. We tried our best to make the quarters equal, but it is difficult with artisanal products which are not perfectly symmetrical.

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